Sunday, 15 January 2017



I cannot believe how stupid some Politicians are concerning the UK's Future TRADING Relationship with the European Union post Brexit.
Most of then assert that if the UK are not in the Single Market, it will be doom and gloom for British Companies, a disaster for British jobs, a downturn in the Economy.
The Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, the Scottish Nationalists and of course Labour echo these False views.
Many people in the UK follow these views thinking that the UK will not be able to trade with the UK post BREXIT. They believe that if the UK are not in the Single Market, Britain will be the loser.

WRONG on all counts !

As a member of The World Trade Association, Britain will continue to trade with the EU.
If the Single Market impose taxes on British goods, the UK will still be able to trade with The EU.

Here are some of the actions the UK can take if the EU impose taxes on British goods and services.....

1 - Reciprocate with taxes on EU imports. Who will lose ? The EU.
Britain buys far more goods from the EU than the EU buys from the UK.

2 - Britain will forge new Trade deals with the rest of the World. Great opportunities for British Companies.

3 - Corporate tax in the UK  is already one of the lowest in the World compared with EU rates.

4 - The £ / Euro rates can be manipulated into Britain's favour since we are not in the Eurozone.

5 - Britain will need to improve productivity to maintain a competitive advantage.

6 - It is unlikely that a Joint Venture Companies between UK.and  EU with be split up.

So, post BREXIT the UK will continue to trade with the EU.

UK negotiations with the EU will be a Joint Interest Exit.
Reality will click in. Reason will probably conquer.

The Red Line in the UK / EU negotiations should be British control of Immigration.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017



Some years ago, I wrote an extensive article about The Future Strategy for the NHS. It was full of innovative ideas about how we train Doctors and Nurses, Remedial Healthcare and Cutting out unnecessary expenditure. No one took any notice in Government.
You can read my article if you scroll down the Menu on the right of my website or better, click on my Profile and scroll down.

Today in early 2017, I want to concentrate on one solution for a major problem which is experienced throughout the NHS......
We do not have any beds available.....this is the cry throughout the NHS.

Now I realise that the NHS cannot kick patients out if they are not well enough to return to the Community in order to release beds..
So, there is only one practical solution that has to be considered.
Increase the supply of beds. Increase the capacity and flexibility of bed supply !


1 - Wherever adjacent land is available build extensions to provide more beds.

2 - If land in situ is not available consider creating more Park and Ride car parks near to the hospital and convert some patient car parks into hospital extensions where the supply of beds can be increased.

3 - Extend hospital buildings by adding where possible extra floors to existing buildings.

4 - Extend Cottage hospitals rather than closing them down.

5 - This will require extra Government funds for a major building
This is far better than ploughing money into Salaries, Agency Workers,and Management.


Recently, A and E was transferred from Wycombe Hospital to Stoke Mandeville Hospital which was already congested.
Near the Wycombe Hospital there is open land which could have been purchased and extra facilities built to make Wycombe a hub with many more beds.

I am convinced that the £Billions spent on the NHS is being spent with the wrong priorities.
If we have an ageing population, people living longer, a growth of population surely it is not rocket science to propose the building of more new hospitals, hospital extensions and conversions to hospitals.

There are still lots of Government land that could be used.
There are Commercial Buildings that could be purchased and converted to hospitals.
There are new build opportunities in most major cities. Many like High Wycombe example.


I believe that successive Governments, Labour and Conservative have failed to improve the stock of new beds in the NHS.
I am fed up hearing in the Press and TV that the NHS do not have sufficient beds. For goodness sake, extra beds must be a Top Priority.

In the next decade, the demand for beds will grow even further.
Every day I hear the words from Doctors and Nurses saying....
We are firefighting every day. We simply do not have sufficient beds.

I believe that In Britain Today, we do not have enough Nursing Homes. This would release many beds for people who badly need hospital treatment.

Will anyone listen to my thoughts ?  Will the Government keep spending £Billions on the wrong priorities ? There should be a priority Hospital Bed Facilities allocation of funds, far greater than at present.


Can we have more creative thinking ?
Are NHS England stuck in a rut and incapable of broad thinking to solve the Beds Crisis in the NHS? Is the Government stuck in a bigger rut ?

I am sorry to conclude my answer is.....YES. There does not seem to be any creative thinking and priorities are muddled.
We will still have a beds Crisis, TV Documentaries, Government Denials, a Civil Service who seem incapable of proposing any innovative solutions to the Beds Crisis well into the next decade.


Thursday, 1 December 2016


Have you noticed the latest Fad amongst men of all ages ?
They are on the TV, in Football Teams, Actors, Singers, Waiters - everywhere you go you see men with their Black Beards and Moustaches.

What is their effect ? They all look the same. They have lost their individuality and good looks.
You cannot tell one from the other.

OK - they are free to do whatever they wish. This is their right. How long will the fad last and and they become clean shaven men again whom everyone can recognise and admire ?
Probably in a year from now, perhaps around Autumn 2017, they will start to shave off their Beards and Moustaches.

Of course this is a Fad, one of many amongst the Sheep. Years ago it was the Fad of long sideburns and long hair. That lasted about 2 years.

Then there was the Fad of short hair - the Number 1 haircut. That seems to be still in fashion with some.

What is it that drives men to follow the trend like Sheep ? Is it their girlfriends ? Are they scared to be the odd one out ?

Time will tell what the next Fad will be. For me, I prefer to be myself and someone everyone can recognise, For better or worse !

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Misconception that The Young are paying for the Elderly.

There is a general view in British Society that the burden of payments to the Elderly are being financed by the Younger Generations. This is rubbish and a complete misconception.
Let us state some facts.........

Many Pensioners like me have paid an Insurance Stamp as well as a contribution from the companies they worked for 47 years.
This has entitled them to a state pension currently at around £6,700 per annum. They had to join the State Pension scheme which as we all know now was a lousy scheme. Inflation over the years has seen to that.
Women receive a lower pension than Men. What a disgrace !
Elderly people who have had a Company Pension scheme, paid for by the Company and not The Young still pay tax which is going to support The Young. One could argue...Why should the Elderly support The Young ?
Those Elderly people who bought their house some 30, 40 or 50 years ago now find they are paying much more in Council Taxes.
So, these taxes gobble up a big part of the State Pension and they are subsidising The Young ! Another reversal of fact.

So, do not talk rubbish you Young People  and insult The Elderly with such views as ....We are subsidising The Elderly....They are a burden on The Young workers. This is simply not true.
When the day arrives that Elderly people die, the Taxmen Vultures are waiting to claim Inheritance Tax running into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Where does the money go ? In part to support and subsidise The Young.

What is the Conclusion ?  False views in Society are dangerous.
Perhaps I have helped to put the record straight. I hope so.

To add salt in the wound, some people say that the Elderly caused the vote to Leave the EU denying The Young their future. What an insult to the Elderly. What a blow to Democracy. The Elderly perhaps have a more balanced opinion based on years of experience. If one reviews the analysis of the Referendum results, you will see that there was a broad church of age groups voting to Leave the EU.

So, the Elderly have paid more into the Treasury over their lifetime than the Young. Their Lifetime knowledge is greater.

One final thought - The Elderly when they were Young spent thousands of pounds raining their young families and in many cases helping to pay for University fees and provide money for items such as a car for their Young ! Sometimes over a 20 years period and beyond.

Thank you Elderly people wherever you are  - you are worth your weight in Gold !

Thursday, 17 November 2016



Remainers say.......There is no Plan. The Sheep say....Baa Baa Baa.
What is the Reality ?

The Remainers are still saying that the Government does not have any Plan for Brexit !
On BBC Question Time you will hear Libdems, Scottish Nationalists and Labour Members say.....It is a fact. The Government had no Plan for Brexit.
Baa Baa Baa says the Sheep that agree with them. When will the Government tell us their Plan ? They do not have one.
Meanwhile in the EU at Brussels, The Sheep say the same things.
Remainers blame the Elderly for the bad Referendum result. They say that the young people should have been listened to not the Elderly. The future is for the young. What a direct challenge to Democracy ! What an insult to the Elderly.
Do we want Democracy or Chaos ? Do we want a peaceful and lawful transition to new eras and policies or the Rule of the Mob ? Democracy may have weaknesses but the alternatives are much worse.

The Brussels Elite also say....No Single Market entry without Free Movement of Labour. Baa Baa Baa says The Daily Mirror. Baa Baa Baa says the Leaders of The Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany amongst others.

Over the past 6 months, have all these people been dreaming ? Or perhaps in hibernation for the Winter ?

Have they not heard the endless debates on TV, The Media and Public Meetings through the UK ?
Every News every night they gave details of the views of the Brexiteers and the Remainers.
The Pros and Cons were clearly stated with endless debates.
The Nation was saturated with information.The Government spent £9 Millions on a Nation wide Leaflet campaign promoting a Stay Vote. No one can deny, that the electorate knew the issues on both sides of the argument and the likely outcomes. The Nation understood what was at stake.
The Objectives of Brexit and Strategy for the future relationship with Europe and the Rest of the World was repeated time and time again.

So, what IS the Plan ?

Here is the Plan which gained victory for Brexit.....

1 - The UK wanted to control the amount of Migrants entering the UK. Currently at a rate of 330,000 per year who claim Welfare payments, free schooling, free Healthcare and housing - when there is a massive shortage of affordable housing. The UK population was already too large. Our roads and Motorways congested. Experience the delays on the M25 for example. Tube trains overcrowded, trains overcrowded and expensive.
We knew that the EU would not agree to this control of the free movement of Labour........Does anyone remember the efforts of David Cameron to get concessions from the EU ? I do. He got very little concessions after any months of negotiations with the Heads of EU countries. The EU Leaders stuck to the key principles of the Rome Treaty 1957 which established the Common Market - the original six countries France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy.

2 - It was clear that the EU would not allow the UK to remain in the Single Market, if the UK left the EU.
So, reality is.....the UK will leave the Single Market.
What is the Plan ? The Objective is that the  UK and the EU will trade in future on a mutually beneficial basis. If the EU impose tariffs on UK goods and services, the U.K.will do the same. Result? Everyone loses but the EU loses more that the UK because the UK buys more from the EU. So, a compromise is the Plan.
If no compromise, the UK will continue to trade with the EU. Eventually as unemployment grows in the EU, they will come begging to the UK for a new deal. This is reality.

3 - It is in everyone's interest to have free movement of Tourism, Investment and Short Term Visa Stays in the EU and the UK.
The Government Plan is to secure theses objectives.

4 - Another aspect of the Plan is to continue good EU relations with NATO, Security, Joint Ventures, Joint Research and Development, Investments, Peace and Goodwill.

5 - British Law and Parliament will be supreme but the UK will respect EU Laws when trading or visiting EU Countries.

6 - The UK will strive to support British Farming Industry, Revival of the Fishing Industry and the Steel Industry.

7 - The UK will enter into Global Trade deals as and when it is in the interests of the UK, particularly with the Trump USA.
Good communications and liaison with the USA is essential to the future success of the UK.

8 - A major part of any net gain from retrieving the British contribution to the EU Budget will be spent on refinancing the NHS.
This will be based on the net saving and not the gross saving as stated during the TV and Bus Advertising campaigns. This was was wrong but the principle was right !

So, what more of the Plan do the Remainers and the Sheep want to know ? Or, are they simply being bloody minded and burying their heads in the sand ? Just being mischievous ?
How can they say there is no Plan ?

It is clear that it would  be foolish for the Government to publish their range of compromises to the Media ? Or, to speak in detail about it in Parliament.  If you play Poker, would you tell the dealer and other players....Oh look, I have Four Kings and an Ace ? Whow, I am on a winner !

If Remainers and the Sheep would stop, saying....What is the Plan ?and Baa Baa Baa, we might get a deal which is favourable to the UK. Trust the Government and the highly qualified negotiating team or be prepared to criticise them in due course.

The worst outcome is if the UK allow talks with the EU to drag on and on and on......
If there was a second Referendum, there would be riots on the streets across England and Wales.
We know the facts already.....the UK will be outside the Single Market but on a mutually agreed, cosmetic level of tariffs on a range of goods.

The Government will offer incentives to the Financial Services Industry to ensure they remain in London. However,since the level of British Global Trade is likely to increase in the period 2020-2030, it would be a foolish Chief Executive who would lead his Bank into the uncertain EU as a centre of operations.

What about Scotland and Northern Ireland ? They voted to remain in the EU ?
This could not happen if Scotland and Northern Ireland left the UK.
If Scotland had a second Referendum and voted to leave the UK, they might be in for a very big shock. I do not think for one moment that they would thrive economically with massive Debit, unsustainable benefits once they lose the UK subsidy and the resulting bad feelings which would be created. Scotland still would rely heavily on UK Defence and Trade at a Price. No, we are one British Family. Let us keep it that way.
Northern Ireland would only survive with integration with the South which I doubt would ever become reality.
Do we keep having Referendums until one gets the result that one wants ? Crazy is it not?

One final point of Law. In 1975, the British People were mislead by PM Edward Heath in a Referendum about joining the EEC - the European Economic Community. They did not vote for the EU as it is today in 2016. They did not expect...A European Parliament, A Commission, European Law superior to British Law. In other words a Federal system of Government.The EU has become  Monster Mountain of Bureaucracy and is Undemocratic. Annual Accounts not signed off by the Auditors for many years - in the Business World totally unacceptable and illegal. Overpaid officials, suspected t schemes costing  Millions of Euros,  Millions of Directives and Laws, a Parliamentary talk shop, a President and Foreign Secretary highly paid for doing little. Low level economies such as Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Greece for example who love membership of the EU because they get something for nothing in net positive financing. More counties are lined up because they want the money...Albania, Montenegro, Turkey and so on. Counties like the UK are net positive contributors even though the UK National Debt is extremely high.

PM David Cameron backed by a 6:1 ratio of MPs in Parliament said that the Government and Parliament would abide by the result of the 2016 Referendum. So be it !

If the Supreme Court upholds the recent High Court ruling, then PM Teresa May should put a Vote to the House of Commons and if she loses, then call - A  General Election in January 2017.

So, Is there a Plan ? If you say NO and Baa BaaBaa, then you need to go to Specsavers for Hearing and Sightseeing Tests.
Or, perhaps worse, you are suffering the early stages of Dementia.


What more do you want Remainers and Sheep Baa Baa Baa ?

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The Future of The United Kingdom

No, I do not mean BREXIT.
I mean what should our Nation be called for future generations ?
Some may say it will be -

United England and Wales

Scotland - as an independent Nation according to the
Scottish Nationalist Party

Northern Ireland and Eire

In other words no more United Kingdom. What a great pity !

I prefer to see an United Country, one British Family respecting our joint heritage and values. Protecting each other. Loving our British Families. Honouring our past and the men and women of British Forces who maintained our Freedom from evil forces and creeds.

My view is that our country should in future revert to......
In the Olympic Games we were known as Great Britain.

Some American tourists refer to us as -

The UK ( whatever those letters stand for )
The EU

Yes, Great Britain, defenders of Democracy, Freedom, Rule of Law.
A Decent Country, Peaceful, Humanitarian, Partners to Peaceful Global Countries. A country of Innovation and Prosperity.
A Country that delivers a higher standard of living for all.
A BREXIT Nation with good trading relations with the EU and Global Nations.


Monday, 31 October 2016


Gareth Bale is Welsh and so am I. He is a very good footballer and he deserves the adulation from his supporters for kicking a football around for a couple of hours per week for Real Madrid in their wonderful stadium in Madrid Spain.

However, Football Clubs who play in the top echelon of Football such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and many others have gone crazy in their support of utter
Gluttonous and sheer Greed footballers.
Gareth Bale has just signed a new 6 year contract with Real Madrid worth £350,000 per week. Let me repeat this figure...
Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand per WEEK AFTER TAX.
Are they mad ?

I believe this kind of money - Rooney gets £250,000 per week at Manchester United - is a disgrace.
I hope that the Government checks closely if these greedy footballers are paying their fair share of tax like the rest of us !
Are they paying 40% tax ? Or, have they taken steps to avoid this level of tax ?
The Inland Revenue should prioritise investigations on these high earners and not the small earners.

Who is responsible for this crazy level of greed ?

Is it the Supporters ? Is it Big Business Sponsorships ?
Is it the Television Companies ? Is it the Agents ?

All I know is that we live in a very unfair World.
Think about this.......
If FIFA and Football Associations throughout the World put limits on Footballer earnings and transfer payments,
Would they lose all these high paid footballers ?
Would supports stay away if teams paid much lower salaries ?

My response is...NO, they would not.

There is another worrying aspect of the current situation.
Teams in the lower Divisions cannot sell their players at such extravagant  levels. They cannot pay these crazy salaries.
It is a vicious circle.
Ask yourself this....If a Surgeon, Teacher, Doctor, Engineer can earn around £100,000 per annum compared with the average wage £26,000 before tax, is it fair or Gluttoness for a footballer to earn £350,000 PER WEEK.

No, No, No........

Attitudes in Society today needs to change. I wonder if Gareth Bates would give £500,000 a year to Charities ?
I wonder if the Top Billionaire Earners in Britain would give
£100 Million of their wealth  to the poor, Great Ormond Street Hospital or NHS Scanner Appeals.
I am sure they give a pittance but they could donate much more.

In my lifetime, I wish that we could live in a Fairer Society.

Certainly Footballers, Bankers and the like have no intention of giving up their fortunes.

What are football Supporters and Shareholders in Banks and Blue Chip companies doing about greed  such as Annual Bonuses of £ Millions, salaries of £250,000 to £600,00, BBC Celebrities earning
£1- £3 Million per annum ?