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BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS - Taking 10 years or less than 1 year ?
Britain should decide and become a successful Global Trading Power.

On Newsnight this week, they interviewed the Finnish Prime Minister. He expressed the view that BREXIT negotiations would take more than 10 years. He explained that there were thousands of EU regulations and directives that had to be dealt with. Dealing with the legal aspects of Britain leaving the EU would in itself take years.
In addition there was the question of the cost of BREXIT and Britain's contribution to the EU budget.

If ever you voted to remain in the EU, this illustrates how completely out of touch with reality his remarks are. It shows the mindset not only of Finland but many more EU Leaders. They are so embroiled in Red Tape and hierarchical thinking that they cannot face reality.

After the Referendum result in Britain, we have every  sovereign right to leave the EU early after Article 50 has been envoked, swiftly and in a short timescale. In no circumstances can Britain be bogged down in a morasse of bureucracy !
In January 2017 when Article 50 is implemented by The Prime Minister the following expectancies should be declared by the British Negotiating Team.......

1 - Britain should not join the Single Market. If the EU prevent free trade or impose tariffs on British goods and services, Britain will impose tariffs on EU goods and services. It is in everyone's interests to have free, unhindered trade between Britain and the EU.

2 - British Law and the Sovereignty of Britain should be enforced from 1 July 2017. A Fait Accompli.

3 - Britain Will impose strict immigration Laws. EU citizens cannot claim Welfare benefits in the UK. They claim Welfare from their country of origin

4 - The costs of Healthcare by EU citizens in Britain must be paid for in advance and can be claimed from EU countries. This applies to non EU countries as well.

5 - EU and other countries Diplomats must pay fines. If there are outstanding claims, the costs will be deducted from British Aid payments to those offending Countries.

6 - Britain will continue to work closely with the EU on matters of joint interests such as - Crime, Terrorism, Fraud, Internet abuse and hacking and Britain will remain a member of NATO and other International bodies.

7 - EU citizens can enter the UK for holidays and business with new entry Visas allowing up to 3 months stay.

8 - Britain will expect the same treatments for UK holiday stays in the EU and for business stays in the UK.

9 - Britain will remain outside the Eurozone, keeping the Pound Sterling as its national currency.

10 - Goodwill, Peace, Harmony and the Rule of Law will prevail between EU countries and Britain.

British negotiations must not be bogged down with arguments about Free Movements of people throughout Europe without restrictions. Britain rejects the EU treaties which were signed by British Politicians without any mandate from the British People.
In the 70s The British People voted to join the EEC - The Common Market.
Since them we have become embroiled in a movement towards Centralisation, unDemocratic Leadership, Civil Service Commission and a drive towards The United States of Europe.
Surely, Britain has the right to demand and establish its own terms for leaving the EU.

Prime Minister - do not be frightened or try to compromise Britain's future.

WE are in the driving seat !

Friday, 9 September 2016


The New RAF Bomber Command
Memorial at Lincoln to be opened 2017.

This is a tribute to the 55,500 Crew Members who died in WW2 including my father and also a tribute to living Veterans.  It will be a wonderful Memorial including a Visitor Centre with Digital Technology to inspire future generations.

Please donate to this very worthy project by contacting
IBCC ( International Bomber Command Centre ) Lincoln. Director Nicky Barr.

Google IBCC Lincoln for full details and ways in which you can donate.

Thank you so much for your generosity and spirit of caring.



Wednesday, 31 August 2016


THE CALAIS FIASCO 2016 - The Worst is yet to come.

Europe is facing one of its worst crises from Multitudes of Migrants
wanting a better life in an European Country.
The 10,000 Migrants camped out in Calais France want to come to Britain where they expect jobs or Welfare support including housing, financial support and the freedom to live in a civilised country. Once accepted into Britain or other European country they expect to have their wives, parents and children to join them or if they claim Welfare Payments for their children back in their home country, they can send money to their families.

Now, consider this proposition.....There is estimated to be Millions and Millions who would like to have the European Lifestyle.
10,000 Migrants at Calais is just the tip of the iceberg !
Can Britain or any other European country sustain Mass Migration ?
The answer is clearly.. NO.

The United Nations in its broadest sense should be responsible for Asylum seekers - offering refuge in Africa, South American and other parts of the world community - on a temporary stay basis - until it is safe to return to their home country.

There should be no Economic Migrants unless they conform to the inward country's Migrant Laws.

So, what to do for the 10,000 people camped out in Calais ?

Firstly, the French authorities should process everyone such as - Asylum Seekers, Economic Migrants. Criminals and possible terrorists ?

Asylum seekers should be granted a temporary safe place of abode in Europe or as directed by the UN.
Note that most residents in the Calais campsite will claim to be Asylum seekers. Most of the residents are young men wanting a better life in Europe.
Rejected applicants must be returned to safe compounds outside Europe.

This may sound cruel but Mass Migration cannot be sustained in Europe and certainly not in the UK.
Social resources in most European countries are under severe pressure and Mass Immigration will only make matters worse.
This situation in Calais cannot go on.

There is a grave danger of Law and Order breaking down - perhaps it already has !
The British Government and other EU Governments must not let the Law of the Jungle to gain the upper hand.
Most people are appalled by the violence and intimidation that is a regular occurrence in Calais.
The French authorities let the Migrants into France with many more waiting to arrive. France must settle this problem with help from the EU and the UN.

The simple conclusion is this, hard though it might sound.
Britain cannot be held to ransom from Migrants. Britain must decide what limits are applied.
Britain cannot sustain Mass Immigration and that is the brutal fact of life.

Enough is enough with chaos, violence, mob pressures, unrealistic demands and a hopeless ineffective United Nations

If the current Migration trends continue on a much higher level, Civilisation and The Rule of Law within the Western Democracies will be at risk. It may never recover.

Be warned Governments of the World. Do something about it....soon.

Monday, 29 August 2016


BREXIT and the EU - Where next ?
The view of one British Citizen

If you listen to some Remainers, negotiations with the EU will take many years. For others they will say that negotiations will be spread over the next 2 years. Some Politicians hope that negotiations will continue up to 2020 when the next General Election is due, hoping that Labour will win and reverse the result of the 2016 Referendum to quit the EU.
So who is right ?
Prime Minister Teresa May has said publicly that - BREXIT means BREXIT.
So, as a humble ordinary British Citizen of Welsh decent, let me give the government some personal guidelines.

1- Article 50 should be declared in January 2017 as Teresa May has indicated but severance from the EU should then start at once.
But, HOW ?

2- The trade balance with the EU is in Britain's favour.
We should say to the EU, if you impose tariffs on British goods, we will impose tariffs on EU goods and services.
In this way, everyone loses ! Is this what you want ?
Britain wants free trade with the EU. The alternative is a trade war.
Britain does not want to be part of the EU free trade area, nor the Norwegan, Swiss or Canadian special deal areas. We want to trade as an independent nation with goodwill on both sides.

3- The British Parliament should restore the British Judicial system as the main law making body - not the European Court of Justice.
The European Human Rights Laws should be replaced by British Human Rights Laws.
Terrorists, murderers, criminal should be sent back to their country of origin.

4- Britain will impose Border controls. Work Permits will be granted to suitable applicants fro the EU and other countries. There will be no freedom of stay for Immigrants or Asylum seekers. Limits will be imposed on numbers entering the UK. Welfare payments should be paid by the country of origin for foreign workers. Existing Foreign Workers can stay provided they have approved jobs and that they are not a drain on UK Welfare and Social Resources.

5- Short stay Permits will continue to be granted to EU citizens for holiday stays and business stays and these restrictions will be applied to all other countries. Immigrants from Pakistan, India, Nigeria and the West Indies will not have a right to enter and stay in the UK indefinitely. They will be subject t to British Immigration Laws.

6- Britain will participate in NATO, Security Organisations, WTO, G20, UN and other bodies of common interest.
All British MEPs will resign from the EU Parliament.

7- Britain will cease all payments to the EU budgets and funds by July 1st 2017.  Extra monies will be allocated to the NHS, Schools and Railways.

8- Britain, as from January 2017, will conclude trade deals where appropriate with USA, Commonwealth, India, China, Brazil and other countries.

9- Joint Venture companies will continue and increase with the EU.

10- Britain will continue to promote Peace, Social interaction, Prosperity throughout the EU and the rest of the World.

11- Britain is in the driving seat not the EU.

BREXIT does mean BREXIT.
We do not want extended negotiations.

In Business, I was taught that if you ate going to make radical changes, do so in the minimum of time span. Get change done quickly. Recovery and adjustment will be so much easier and productive.

So, PM Teresa May, The Cabinet and the Civil Service, do not be frightened. Get on with it and complete the withdrawal in 2017.

Saturday, 25 June 2016


BREXIT win - The UK to leave the EU

So, the majority of British voters have voted to leave the EU.

It could have been so much different if it was not due to the stupidity and myopia of the EU officials.

This is what the EU should have said :

Yes, the UK can put a cap of 50,000 immigrants who want to work in the UK per annum.

Yes, welfare payments can be paid but by the country of origin.
So, Polish workers who have a wife and children living in Warsaw or anywhere else in Poland get benefits from Poland and not the UK.

Yes, we recognise that the UK have debts of about £100 Billions.
They cannot sustain unrestricted movement of people from the EU.

Yes, the UK can stop economic migrants.

Simple and sensible is it not ?

The tragedy is that the EU is so short sighted. If only they had woken up to the reality of population movements, the vote in the Referendum might have been different.

I believe that we need a relook at our execution of Democracy.
On major issues a 75% vote in favour should be needed . The USA system is more realistic for major changes in Laws.

The sadness of the Brexit vote is that we could have had a better solution. However, the reality is that David Cameron worked hard over 4 years to get the EU to make sensible concessions. He got some minor changes from the EU.

If you want to blame anyone about the Referendum, blame the EU for their stupidity.
Also, blame the Stay Campaign for making some outrageous threats and doom and gloom.

If Scotland wish to stay in the EU they will find that the financial burden is so great that their standard of living will decline.

So lick your wounds Stay Campaigners. Let us go forward with hope and determination. Remember, we are still Europeans.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


CREATING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - A Personal Case Study - Learning from Experience

Ray Williams MA MPhil MBA DIPM

To Appreciate Your Present, you need to understand Your Past

For the 50 Plus Generations a few reflections from one 79 year old Male.
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano. Romans Philosophy. A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

My Intergenerational Perspective comes from the age 79 years, soon to be 80 in November.
A recent Research Study from Bucks County Council Wellbeing Board  concluded that the average lifespan of a Man in Buckinghamshire was 80 years 5 months. I am hoping to buck the trend !
To understand where I am coming from......I have identified 3 life that I can present to you factual evidence from one I think that I am typical of the Businessman fraternity up to the age of 51 but I am untypical of people in the 50 Plus Generations. Perhaps after hearing my views, you might agree that more people should follow my example ? You will decide later.

3 Phases of My Life cycle

Personal Research Study
Characteristics - psychographics - lifestyle study. 4500 Campers and Caravanners. Invented the word ZOISTICS - statistical study of Lifestyle characteristics. Greek Zoi...Life..Statistics.
Campers were much more physically active than Caravanners. ( Reference University of Lancaster
R J Williams 1984 ).  I wonder if campers live Longer than Caravanners ? Maybe a future research study ?

9 - 21 Phase -  Active sports. Rugby, Rowing LSE, Cycling, Swimming, Walking , Educational mental exercise. Vegetables. Steaks. Beer.
12 stone. Friends. Girlfriends. Social life. Sense of achievement.
Goals. Self esteem. Overcoming grief. Father kia  RAF Bomber Command

VERDICT - Healthy Lifestyle.

22 - 50 Phase - Married, 5 children. MD. Entertaining. Parties. No sport. Lots of food and drinking. Self esteem.. Health concerns. 14.5 stone. Type 2 Diabetes. TIA mini stroke. Death of wife and son -high stress levels. Resilience. Inner strength related to 9-21 experiences. Learnt how to cope with Stress driven by need to perform well in Chief Executive Role and to look after young children. I had to survive.

VERDICT -Unhealthy Lifestyle.

51- 79 Phase. Joined Wycombe 50 Plus Club. Past Chairman. Executive Committee, Chairman User Panel - Wycombe Leisure Centre. Volunteering. Music Composition. Keyboard player.Writer of 103 Articles on Political, Social and Cultural Affairs in Britain Today.
Mental exercise.  Google EUREKYS..
Weight 11.7lbs. Regular active exercise.

VERDICT - Healthy Lifestyle.

Profile weekly schedule is -

Monday - 50 Plus 3-4 hours table tennis, short tennis, social interaction.
Tuesday - volunteering at Wycombe Swan
Wednesday - Tennis, social 2 hours
Thursday - Tennis and social 3 hours
Friday - 50 Plus 3-4 hours table tennis, short tennis, social
Saturday - Allotment 2 hours, Volunteering at Wycombe Swan
Sunday - Tennis and Social 3 hours.

An excellent example of how to remain Active in later Life.
Current Chair - Maureen Dover. First Lady Chair in 34 years. Excellent Leader.
Wycombe 50 Plus Club
400 Members. 80 on waiting list.
Operate at Wycombe Leisure Centre Handy Cross. New £30 Million Wycombe Leisure Centre opened March 2016 by HRH The Duke of Kent. State of the Art facilities.
Winner 2015 - Pride of Buckinghamshire Award for Healthy Lifestyles. The Club was described as .....A Beacon of Inspiration in the Community. Google for full details. Website created and maintained by Member - Managing Director Penn Computing Services - John Finnemore., tai chi, swimming, muscle strengthening, keep fit classes, Zumba, spinning. Table tennis, badminton,short tennis, short mat bowls, racket ball.
Demand from Over 50 Generations is very strong in Wycombe District,

React games winners -South of England Champions 2015 - all sporting activities against 50 Plus Clubs in South of England - Reading, Woking, Wellimgton, Winchester, Alton amongst others.
Key Activities at 50 Plus - Exercise Classes - Social Events - oversubsctibed most of the time.
Monthly Walks 3-4 miles local. Organised bt 50 Plus Members.

Structure of Management Wycombe 50 Plus 10 Committee Members Volunteers for Duties.
Self funding.No external funding.  Places for People sponsorship for sporting polo shirts.
Executive Committee - Strategy and Operations
Social Committee - organising monthly trips.
Gazette bi monthly 8 pages magazine. Free to Members. Created, Maintained. Published and Managed free by Member Sue Fowler.
User Panel - WDC Places for People Plc Users Activities - Ray Williams Chairman. Regular input from Maureen Dover and other 50 Plus Members.
Places for People cooperation. PfP is one of the leading and most successful Leisure Management Companies in the UK. Stuart Lee General Manager Wycombe Leisure Centre and his staff have excellent relations with 50 Plus Club and regular communications and feedback - a key requisite for maintaining a high level of Member satisfaction.

Recent Features -new website, new logo, new motto ( Creating a Healthy Lifestyle ) new poloshirts, PfP sponsorship, Awards. REACT games Champions.
Blueprint for Government Suggested to Minister of Health.
50 Plus Schedule at Wycombe Leisure Centre - list activities.Refer to website for full information.

Monday pm
Wednesday am
Friday am
Social programme - list of  activities - trips, dinners, quiz, dances, carols at Christmas. Offshoots - dinner parties, holidays, races Ascot and Windsor. Manor House Ashbury hotel complex - sports and artistic activities. 34 people 2016. All enhancing a feeling of Belonging and Wellbeing.

Members Volunteering for -
National Trust
Theatre Ushers
Cancer Research
Red Cross
Hospital support

Personal Activities
Holidays 6 weeks Spain, plus Devon, Bournemouth, others Australia
Sun. Vitamin D important
Skin Cancer dangers to be avoided

The Indiana University recent research study found that Omega 3 fatty acids in oily fish, vitamin D from sunshine and resveratrol from red wine plays a key role in affecting longevity.
My wife and I spend some 3 months of the year in Spain or Australia and we get plenty of vitamin D
We also eat the Mediterranean Diet when in the sunshine and also regularly at home in the UK.

The Westmead Institute for Medical Research Australia after researching 1,600 adults aged 50 and over found that  Eating the right amount of fibre in Bread, cereals and fruits can help us avoid disease and disability in old age.

Food typical Regime - Ray Williams

Breakfast - shredded wheat, porridge, banana, coffee

Lunch - Small salad ham sandwich on brown seeded bread, coffee. Olive oil dressing.

Dinner - various meats plus range of vegetables, yogurt, fruit
1/3 glasses per week red wine these days. No beer.

No smoking. Sopped smoking some 10 years ago.
Regular Sleep pattern - 8/9 hrs per night.
Retire no later than 11.30pm each night.
No coffee after 7pm.


Weight 11.7 lbs
Blood Sugar 6.7
Chloresterol 3.2
Average Blood Pressure 125 / 75
Biological Age - 62

Medication has helped in addition to a Healthy Lifestyle regime.

Adventurism - camping, caravanning, mobile homes
Home Life is core - family connections, happy marriage, loss of a partner
Hill walking. Allotments.

Balanced Lifestyle
Social Activity
Self Worth
Believe in yourself
Collective support activities

Do Breathe: Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done. Author Michael Townsend Williams book - Do Breathe - available from Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones and other bookshops.
Do breathe App  Called Breathe Sync
50 Plus Club Website
Leisure Centre facilities
Writing articles, Books
Music Composition
Painting Clubs
Uni of the 3rd Age
Bridge Clubs
Tennis Club
Swimming aerobics.
Walking Programmes
National Trust - Social interaction
Manor House Sports Hotel
Ashbury Hotel Golf Sports Hotel
Hobbies - music. Model Making, Painting, Fishing
Mindfulness - Michael Thownsend Williams - game.
Reading - passive

Food and Drink programmes - Guides to Healthy Living.
Weight Loss Clubs

You cannot get bored in Retirement - it is up to you !  The 50 Plus Generations in an Ageing British Population can play a key role in the Community. There are so many options to play a positive role and to remain healthy.

Preventative Healthcare rather than Remedial Healthcare.
Reduce the demands and costs of NHS.

Typical illnesses for 50 Plus

Hip replacement
Knee replacement
High Blood Pressure
Tia / Strokes
Skin cancer
High Cholesterol
Smoking problems

As indicated earkier, The Bucks Health and Wellbeing Board in one of their Health Reports stated that Women in Buckinghamshire had a Life Expectancy of 84.0 years and Men had a Life Expectancy of 80.5 years. It should be remembered hat in any statistical sampling there may be errors ranging from +/-3%.....+/-5%.....even +/-10%. depending on the size of the research sample.
Since I am 80 in November, I better enjoy my few months left of my Life on Earth !
However, the good news is that Life Expectancy rates are rising all the time. Wonderful !

In the Wycombe 50 Plus Club, we have many Members who are still active late in their 80s and some in their early 90s, They are a joy to behold and they are very inspirational and alert people.They may suffer from various aches and pains but they have a very positive attitude to life.
We should remember the Romans - The Mind and body functions are interconnected.

 I recommend the WOW. Leaflet from Wycombe District Council highlighting Health and Fitness Clubs in High Wycombe - Quite a wide range of activities. Movers and Shakers are one of these Clubs who offer exercise regimes for the 50 Plus Generations.

RJW has written to -

  • Minister of Health
  • Chief Executive NHS England
  • Chief Executive Chilterns NHS
  • Chilterns Commissioning via Sue Hyward Agent to Wycombe MP
  • Rt.Hon .Steve Baker MP Wycombe
  • Chief Executive Public Health England.

RJW Proposal to the Government - Promote 50 Plus Clubs. Use Wycombe 50 Plus as Blueprint. Good example with new £30 Millions Leisure Centre at High Wycombe.
This would be a low cost high impact Promotion including a Video, Literature, Case Study from Wycombe 50 Plus Club, Testimonials emailed and posted to Local Authorities throughout the UK.
Objective - Establish 50 Plus Club like Wycombe. Improve Healthy Lifestyles.

Collective Inertia is  a barrier to decisions.
Each one passed the buck.
Public Health England - Chief Executive wants proof statistics There are already a Myriad of statistics in the Public Domain - Exercise is good for you, smoking is bad for you, too much alcohol is bad for you, loneliness can affect your health,
Health Challenges - 50-90 Generations
Diabetes type 2 Control
Hip replacements Recovery
Knee replacements Recovery
Importance of exercise is Key
High blood pressure ....BNU work ,,,is there a correlation between exercise and lowering high blood pressure.
Loneliness ....50 Plus essential for people contact.
Muscle and joint pain.....exercise does help..... arthritis is  better with exercise.
Little and Prevention of Dementia.

My Conclusions - 11 Key Positive Outcomes of 50 Plus Membership

1- There is a direct health correlation between people who join the 50 Plus Clubs with all the benefits - exercise and social and those who remain static lifestyles. Creating  Healthy Lifestyles motto.

2- Table tennis is a proven way of stimulating the brain...recent BBC study programme. Maybe helps prevent dementia or delays dementia.

3- Wycombe 50 Plus has many members still active in their 80s and 90s. Many still play and go on walks.Evidence ?

4- 50 Plus involvement is helpful in bereavement.Welfare Officer Collective support in illness and bereavement.

5- Helps prevent loneliness.Coffee mornings. Social events. Singles catered for not left out.

6- Helps recovery from operations hips knees examples.

7- Improves healthy mind
and attitude. Doers not takers. Volunteering.

8- Lowers weight.

9- Lowers blood pressure BNU study yet to confirm. I believe that it does help to control high blood pressure.

10- Improves energy levels after exercising.

11- Special classes improves circulation and muscle strength.

Theses are my views.
Maybe one day more people will realise the benefits of an active lifestyle. My views may be unscientific but a good pointer.

However, still difficult to escape Ageing Process and hereditary illnesses.. One day perhaps.

Challenge for the Future to everyone interested in Creating Healthy Lifestyles...........


To reduce health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Strokes, TIAs, Joint Failure, Depression, Loneliness.

ANSWER......Exercise on a regular and enjoyable basis. Socialise on a regular basis. Participate in Volunteering.


Here are some current methods that need to be expanded.

1- Recommendations from friends and family who have achieved health benefits from joining a Club such as Shakers and Movers or Wycombe 50 Plus Club.

2- Offer of Free Trial Sessions from Health Clubs of all kinds

3- Open Day invitations from Active Health Clubs

4- Recovery from operations needing exercise to achieve full recovery and normal physical movement of knees, hips, muscles.

5- Doctor's Recommendation

6-  Local Authority Advertising benefits.

7- Government Advertising, a Promotion and Funding.

8- Recommendation from NHS and Private institutions such as BUPA.

9-  Direct Promotion from Health Clubs

10- Champions of Healthy Lifestyles - Seminars, Conferences. BNU work and promotion via Press Articles.

11-  Government to promote Nationwide network of 50 Plus Clubs

12- Continuation of Research by Universities and NHS into Healthy Lifestyles. Publication via Media. Case Studies.


Professor Chenki Wu of Oregon State University recently concluded a Study into Longevity as follows -

It shows Working Longer brings older people a lot of economic and social benefits that could have an impact on the length of their lives.

This Conclusion needs a lot of reservations. It all depends on the type of work involved.

For example -

It is a known fact that Teachers suffer from considerable stress and many leave the Teaching Profession or retire early.

NHS staff suffer from stress if they are asked to work too many hours which gets worse after the age 60.

Workers who have sedentary jobs such as in  Banks, Civil Service, Insurance Industries who sit for long hours in front of a Computer Screen, suffer from a variety of illnesses as well as stress.

Business people who suffer the stress of meeting Monthly Sales and Profit targets also suffer from many illnesses and need to retire early.

Workers in Heavy Industries suffer back pains, lung problems and other illnesses. They cannot work beyond 65.

Long Haul Airline Pilots also suffer dangerous stress is they work long hours and work longer.

So, we must take these Research Conclusions carefully.

High durations of Work mean less Leisure Time. I believe that it is the Active Exercise Regimes and Sensible Healthy Food Regimes as indicated earlier in this Article that is the cause of a longer life.


1 -People in the 50 Plus Generations need more Leisure Time to take up more Active activities in Sport, Social Affairs and Personal Challenges to lead a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle. 

2 - Future Government Monetary Policies should increase Pensions considerably because the
65 Plus Pensioners will spend most of the extra Pension Monies. This is good for the Economy and not a drain. 

3 - Using some past Economic Theories as a guide - The Multiplier Effect on the GNP will be maybe 5 or more times the extra rate investment of pension monies provided. This will increase Consumer Demand and Increase the Level of Employment.

4 - Active enjoyable Leisure Time for the older generations is more important than Work to improve Longevity.

5- Any future study of the benefits of Working longer to increase longevity Must take into consideration the negative factors of time taken to travel to and from the Workplace.

Otherwise, I believe that the results of the research can be biased and to be frank, totally misleading.

For example 

In all the major Cities in the World - London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney  - it takes workers on average 3 hours to travel to and from work. each day. This causes lots of stress.
As the pressure mounts for better Sales and Profit results, Managements expect Workers to work overtime - another cause of stress and lack of Family involvement - sometimes leading to friction within a marriage with disastrous emotional and financial consequences.
On Public Transport, such as Underground Transportation, there are large risks of germs and illnesses like colds and influenza.
Working well into latter years is not a good thing for longevity. On the other hand Volunteering locally can be good for Morale, Personal satisfaction and Personal Esteem - all  factors that contribute to Healthy Lifestyles - in my view.

The Oregon State University latest research says that there are economic benefits from Working Longer. Yes, for the Government maybe by prolonging Pension Payments to 67, 70 or more.
For the individual, it also means higher travelling costs - on the Train, Underground, Cost of Petrol consumption, Car Insurance Costs, Maintenance expenditure  and Stress !
Less Leisure time is bad for Health and Family Life.


Love yourself and Know yourself as the Ancient Greeks said - not in a vain, self centred, self flattering way but to appreciate your amazing human body. Look after and cherish your gift of life.
This will make you strong in mind and spirt so that your will overcome stress and achieve a happy Lifestyle.
The Romans did get it right after all.  

MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO should be your goal in Life - it does Create a Healthy Lifestyle. 

For Circulation for academic purposes please Google EURKEYS.
Copyright Raymond Williams
Permission is granted for reprinting in Full or part.

Eurekys in the Registered Trade Mark of the Writings and Music Compositions of 
Ray Williams