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Wednesday, 19 July 2017


So, The BBC have finally published their List of Salaries paid to their Entertainers. I wonder why it has taken so long ?

The List shows that the top earners are paid over £ 2 Millions per year whilst many are paid at least
£250,000 per year. What GLUTTONS !

This is a total disgrace and it shows how outrageous these payments are out of Public Money.
It also shows that the Top Management of The BBC have been out of touch with reality. How dare they pay thee salaries to people who are not worth it. How disgraceful that they waste Public Money in this way.

It also shows how bad the Government have been in allowing such salaries to be paid.
They should have put a cap on salaries at the BBC.

This latest burst of Gluttony follows news that some Chief Executives of Councils earn nearly £500,000 per year.
Vice Chancellors of some Universities earn nearly £400,000 per year.
School Head Teachers earn over £100,000.
People in the NHS such as Chief Execcutives, Consultants earn over £250,000 per year.
The Civil Service is just as bad offering massive salaries to the Top Brass.

NHS employees have had their salaries capped at 1% per year for more than 7 years.

We live in a Society of Gluttons. However, it is self perpetuating. Recruitment Agencies lead the way in saying - You must pay these salaries - it is the going rate.

Will this Gluttony ever stop. No, I do not think so.

Only, the Government can set limits in the Public Sector. Will they ?

What level of Expenses are these BBC high earners claiming ?

Are all these so called Celebrities paying 40% Income Tax on their earnings at the BBC ?
Or, are they channelling earnings via Companies which they have set up to reduce their Tax Take?

My view is that there should be a 60% Tax Rate on earnings over £100,000 per year.
I also think that as a matter of urgency, the Government should instruct HMRC to review the Tax Returns of BBC High Earners - just in case there is Tax Evasion practices going on.

Friday, 7 July 2017



Here we are again - The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
It is a great occasion provided it does not rain like 2016.
The grounds are magnificent with the beautiful flowers. The Tennis stars are brilliant. We love going to Wimbledon if we can get tickets.

However, what we do not like is the big rip off for food and drinks.
They only sell Lanson Champaign. In 2016, Asda were selling the exact bottle of Lanson Champaign with a Wimbledon branded top for £26. At Wimbledon the exact same bottle was £75.
This year 2017, they were changing more than £80 per bottle.What a cheek and what a massive profit they were making. Rich people could not care less. They were buying lots of Champaign. Disgraceful!

One of the favourite drinks are Pims. This year they were serving Pims from a tap - full of lemonade and a small measure of Pims in a plastic cup. Hundreds were queuing up for some Pims. What was the cost ?  £8.50 per plastic glass ! £17 for the two of us. Plenty of ice as well. You can buy a bottle of Pims for £10. Another Rip Off.
But, people do not care.

Perhaps you fancy a piece of cake ? £3.50 per small slice. Or, a small bar of fruit - £3 please.

Coffee was more reasonable at £5 for two in a Cafetière. Nicely served.
Of course, many people park their car - another £20 unless you go to the Park and Ride for £15, taking 25 minutes to get to the ground.

Perhaps you would like a Programme ? That will be £10 please.

Perhaps you would like to book lunch at over £100 per person in the main restaurant.
Snacks such as  Hot dogs, fish and chips, sandwiches- all over priced.

OK, Wimbledon is special but be prepared to pay a lot for the experience.

I prefer Eastbourne Tennis. This year we saw Djolovic. Konta, Watson, Ostapemko and many more tennis stars. Better view on Centre Court and a lovely atmosphere.

Saturday, 24 June 2017



What a shock we have all had in June 2017 with the devastating fire with  major loss of life at the Grenfell Tower block in the Borough of Kensington, London.
The Government has launched an immediate Public Inquiry.
As a precaution, thousands are being warned that their Tower Block homes are unsafe and that they must leave their homes and in many cases, sleep on an or bed on the floor in a Leisure Centre surrounded by other residents. What about privacy ? What about the ill, Disabled, children and yes, Pets ?
It truly is a nightmare for everyone, young and old.

I hope that this latest Public Inquiry does not last months or even years before their conclusions or may I say confusions are released to the General Public !

I am only an ordinary citizen but I can list my questions for the Public Inquiry which need answers which should be easily attainable and  available without too much time and effort.

Let me start with the Planning Departments of local authorities.
Surely, they specified NON inflammable materials in the specifications used in buildings of all kinds ? For example,
High rise apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Commercial buildings, Theatres and so on
Did they?

Did they check samples of the materials to be used for fire resistant specifications ?
Did they ?

When the materials were delivered for the onsite usage, did they check that the materials matched the specifications ?
Did they ?

Who signed the Purchase Order for the materials ?
Who And in what capacity ?

Building Regulations ?
Were these correct ? Did they ban flammable materials for use on Buildings ?
If Yes, who ignored them ?
If the Building Regulations were a fudge, who in the Council challenged these poor Regulations and refused to allow flammable materials to be used ? The Council had a Duty of Care.

Why wasn't the Buildings such as Grenfell not routinely checked for fire hazards ?
Or did they and their advice ignored?

Who in the chain of events is responsible ?
It must be the people who placed the Order in the first place if they did not specify non flammable materials, in my view.
If they did specify non flamable materials, someone in the chain as well as those who placed the order in the first place must be guilty.

I am surprised that many buildings do not have fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems as well as very loud fire alarms.
I know that hotels have them. What about all the other kinds of buildings ?

The Tragic Grenfell fire could be only the beginning of the risks in Buildings. Safeguards must be improved but they should not takes
 Months or Years in Debates, Confusion and Delay.

The people who have already suffered  Must be  compensated -by Class Action legal cases if necessary.
We must not forget safety in the home as well.
There must be a swift and immediate review of all legislation relations to the safety of Buildings of ALL TYPES.

The present problems might only be the tip of a very expensive iceberg!


Tuesday, 20 June 2017



In 2016, I was invited by  Professor Barbara Humberstone and Maria Konstantaki of Bucks New University to be a guest speaker at their 3rd Annual Conference - my topic being -
" Creating  a Healthy Lifestyle for the 50 Plus Generations. "
The transcript of my Presentation can be viewed on my website - EUREKYS. It was an excellent Conference and I have the greatest admiration for these two talented, intelligent, academics for their work for Preventative Healthcare which is my main Principle for a Healthy Way of Prolonging one's lifespan.

This year, I have just attended the 4th Annual Conference at Bucks New University. This time the main theme of the Conference was -
"Ageing Well - DEMENTIA and Physical Activity."
What a brilliant Conference it was !

One of the Presenters Jay Patel quoted some disturbing projections -

" Dementia affects almost 50 Million people worldwide, with new cases of Dementia occurring somewhere in the World every 3 seconds." Source: Alzeimers disease International 2017.

Barbara and Maria had once again assembled a well balanced range of speakers such as -

Professor Carol Riddick of Gallaudet University, USA
David Truswell, Head of DACE
Ruth Trout and Fiona Chalk, Department of Applied Health, Bucks New University
Dr Jonathan Lewis, Department of Performing Arts, BNU
Jay Patel, Hill Care Homes.
In the afternoon session, Delegates were able to try out various fitness exercises.

It is not my intention to summarise all these first class presentations. I suggest you contact Bucks New University for any transcripts.

What I want to achieve is to create a deeper awareness of modern day DEMENTIA and to promote to a wider audience what it is all about.

Let me confess - DEMENTIA is not my favourite subject but I am grateful to Bucks New University and the Speakers for making me understand, appreciate the challenges of DEMENTIA in its many forms which will become such a nightmare for Families, the NHS and Government funding in the decades to come. A major epidemic - unless WE do something about it. Can we within reason ? Yes we can ! More of this later.

Have I learnt anything new ? Yes.

Professor Riddick provided me with a myriad of information but I never knew that there was a connection between medication and DEMENTIA. Some tablets for Depression were linked to DEMENTIA. I never knew there was a form of Dementia called - Vascular Dementia - that any restriction from any source of blood flow to the brain could cause a type of Dementia.
How this happens is beyond my comprehension because I am not a Medical Doctor or Researcher.

The analysis of "DEMENTIA and the impact on diverse communities " by David Truswell was fascinating. Lots of recent and in depth  information. Facts not fiction.

Real life examples of DEMENTIA by RuthTrout and Fiona Chalk gave me a clear insight of the challenges families and Carers face when trying to deal with DEMENTIA Patients.

Dr Jonathan Lewis and his Dance Students were inspirational in the use of Dance in making life bearable for DEMENTIA patients.
He deserves to get more funding for this positive work with Dance. The Performing Arts does have a role to play in stimulating Dementia Patients and encouraging Social Interaction.
I admire his young dance students who want to play a positive role in offering Dance support to improve elderly Healthcare. Well done Young People.

Jay Patel of Hill Care Homes helps to train Carers in their approach to DEMENTIA. I have great empathy with him.
One of my earliest articles was - Care for the Elderly, Compassion or Fear ? I suggested that we need better trained Carers in Britain. Most Carers are wonderful people but we do need to improve their techniques for interacting with Patients.
We also need some increased form of tax relief for Carers who are qualified - I suggested a One Year part time " Certificate of Care " taken over a One or Two year part time period. There should be a monetary award for their Graduation.

Many of the current techniques for improving the lifestyles of sufferers of Dementia are good. I believe that Sensory Techniques such as - A loving kiss, An Embrace, Music and Memory Stimuli can play a large part in making sufferers happier within the understandable turmoil that they are experiencing. I wonder if one day,  Science and Medical Technology  might be able to increase the number and capacity of Brain Cells functions, reduce the Ageing Process and conquer Dementia ?
 I sincerely hope so. Perhaps being futuristic, I wonder if we could have Mini Nano Brain Computer Implants which could enhance Short term Memory functions. If we can have Heart Implants why not Brain Cell Implants ? Food for thought ? For our research scientists a question - Why do most of us have Long Range Memory Functioning but lose Short Term Memory Functions ? Is there any relationships between the two ? I do not know. I am only an ordinary citizen, But, we should remember that Innovation and Scientific developments  in the last 100 years have come about because some people asked the Right Question !

Do I have a recipe for Preventative Healthcare ? Yes, I do.

Can it help early and late development of DEMENTIA ? Yes, I can in my view.
However, will anyone in authority listen ? Or, will the answer be...
We have no money ! The Government printed -" Quantitative Easing " £400 Billions to save the Banks during the period after 2008. Why can't the Government print another £200 Billions for Healthcare in Britain ? We need more Long Term Investments in Britain.

My "Preventative Healthcare Plan " is as follows -

Train my mind by -

Writing Articles on Political, Social and Cultural Affairs." This article is Number 134.
Take an interest in Public Affairs.
Compose music - so far, I have composed  1 Concerto, 13 Pop songs, 1 Musical.
Google YOUTUBE - Emotionally Your Truly by Ray Williams.
Remain active in the Community - I have been a Volunteer for 10 years for Wycombe Swan Theatre, Past Chairman Wycombe 50 Plus Club.

Train my body to keep fit -

Summary - Tennis 3 times s a week, Table Tennis 2 times per week,
Gardening allotment 2 times per week
Note -Research has shown that Tennis and Table Tennis are great activities to maintain physical health and improve Cognitive Ability.

Eat Well to be Well

I do not overeat or drink wine. Good well balanced meals.

I am not Perfect

I have a number of ailments. But, they will not overcome me.
My MENTAL ATTITUDE is too strong.
Remain Positive, Be confidant and remember....Money is not everything.

Elderly life can be fulfilling. We all need to promote and practise WELLBEING.
Do not blame other people.
Doctors need to be more aware of the different characteristics and early warning symptoms of DEMENTIA.

Some regrets  about this Conference. ? Yes.

It was not attended by Representatives of the Department of Health, no Senior Executives of the National Heath Service, no Local Government Executives or Counsellors, no Top Management of Quangos with Healthcare interests, No Pharmaceutical Company Officials and so on. This is simply APATHY !
Maybe, if we all promote the key issues of Preventative Healthcare and Activity Programmes, we might attract more participation in Conference Number 5 at Bucks New University. I look forward to it.

Latest Research Results

The University of Singapore research study about Ageing reported in June 2017 -

" We found that....  Better Nutrition, Regular Physical Exercise and Mental Exercises can reverse frailty. "
The study showed that  " Nearly 50% of those who stuck to all 3 activities slashed their physical and mental " Frailty " substantially compared to 15% who only practised one of these functions.."

Do I have to say anything more ?

Thank you Bucks New University for leading the way in our understanding and defeat of DEMENTIA and other illnesses.
You are a 'Leading Light ' in our constant human battle with illness.

Good luck. We can help prevent or modify DEMENTIA.

Male your voices heard wherever you are.

Sunday, 18 June 2017



Have you experienced the No Reply Culture ?

You write to an organisation and you get no answer. Their Policy on Customer Service seems to be... Ignore you !
This phenomenon happens time and time again. No one cares. They have cut staffing levels to the bone.
Do you have a problem, a complaint or a suggestion a problem ? Ignore it. It is much cheaper that way.
A classic disgusting example of the No Reply, Ignore It Culture is the attitude and No Reply to the fears of the residents of the Grenfell Tower fire.
The Residents time and time again raised legitimate fears about fire hazards. The response - No Reply. No investigation.

Recently, I experienced my latest example of the No Reply Culture.
After the debacle of the General Election when the Tories lost a lead in the Polls of 20 points and Corbyn was seen as a hopeless Leader and Loser, the Tories lost their majority.

I have voted Conservative most of my life. I wrote a letter to the hierarchy in the Conservative Government providing them with a number of Innovative ideas that could swing the pendulum of Politics back in their favour. I also pointed out some articles which I had posted on the website EUREKYS. I have written some 133 articles to date about Politics, Social and Cultural Affairs

I wrote to the following people.......

PM Theresa May MP
Boris Johnson MP
Chairman of the Conservative Party
Steve Baker MP
Nigel Evans MP

What has been the result ?  No Reply. No acknowledgement. Nothing.

I would have thought that since my ideas were sensible and had great appeal to the Electorate, someone....perhaps a Secretary would have sent me a Letter of Thanks.
No, even Top Politicians are part of the No Reply Culture.

Of course, they all have excuses. We are too busy or short staffed to deal with your correspondence.

The same excuse is offered when you telephone large organisations with Millions of Profits after tax - nice returns for their shareholders whilst the rest of us earn 0.1% from our Bank savings.
" Your call is important to us. It will be dealt with shortly. "
45 minutes later....unless you have given up... they are still repeating ....." Your call is important to us. "  No it is not is my reply.
Your customer service is awful ! " It is just a robot kidding you trying to keep you on the line.
You are 24 in the queue the robot will say.

Of course, there is a terrible trend behind this No Reply Culture.
Nobody wants to take responsibility in the Public Services today or in the Private Sector.
The Government Officials like to hide behind a fog of No Reply Culture and Mea Non Culpa - it is not my fault.

The Public Inquiry method is often long winded...lasts years..with multi thousands of paperwork. Why does it take sometimes years to come to a conclusion ? It is because that In Britain Today there is a Culture of the bigger the amount of pages means the more thorough the investigation.  " Can't see the wood for the trees. "

Have our lives become so complicated and our Politicians so overwhelmed with Paperwork and Demands that they cannot be bothered to respond to the fears, ideas and vision of the ordinary citizen?  Is our Democracy and the Will of the People not worth anything except in a General Election ?

There must be more involvement from ordinary people in the Decision Making Process in Government.
It is outrageous that 2 Advisers were paid £140,000 salaries to forge the Conservative Manifesto which sunk the Conservative Majority.
I am sure many local people had good ideas - like me - but they were muted !

Thank goodness we have the Press and Media, the Trade Unions and Social Media.
However, we still have the No Reply Culture to deal with. However, we must create a better way  - in addition to the present routes - to get the voice of ordinary people heard.
This cannot be a few seconds soundbites on BBC Question Time or a few words in Letters to the Editor of your favourite newspaper.

I suggest that we have more Bottom up Panels rather than too many Top down Panels and Committees. What does this mean ?

It means that we listen more  to the collective views Nurses in the NHS,  Railway travellers, Customers of Energy, Mobile Phones, TV, Council Tax payers, Pensioners and so on.
The Trade Unions do have a part to play but unfortunately not if they are Politically biased - that is my fear.

Will anyone listen?

In today's Political Climate, I am pessimistic.

However, us peaceful, loyal citizens might one day, get someone 's never know !☺️

Monday, 12 June 2017



I am becoming a Brexstay. What is a Brexstay ?

One who does not want a hard Brexit but who wishes to leave the EU.
So, how do we achieve this result ?

The Free Trade deal combines a compromise with the EU on Free Flow Movement of EU citizens into the  UK but with a Cap recognising that the UK cannot afford to pay Welfare payments to all these Immigrants. Cap to be about 100,000 per annum. Variable according to the state of the UK Economy and National Debt.
The David Cameron compromise should be adopted such as no payments for 5 years then Welfare payments. UK citizens get the same treatment in the EU.
So, a Trade deal is then possible.

The UK will adopt EU legislation into UK law unless repealed by Parliament. The UK Supreme Court overseas UK Law.
Trading legislation remains the same.

Apart from the new Cap on Immigrants and the new Trade Deal, everything remains as before.
A simple beneficial compromise for everyone.

No hard or soft Brexit.  A Brexstay.

Deal put to Parliament for ratification.
Keep it simple and quick solution



Some times I wish I had been a Politician !
I have been writing Articles for some 7 years posted on my website EUREKYS and visited by thousands of people. 131 articles to date. I do not claim to be 100% right all the time but at least I have been innovative, bold and visionary in my articles such as - Strategy for the NHS, Care for the Elderly, the EU, Housing Policy, Terrorism and many more of the problems we face today. I have sent many of my articles and copy of my proposed book IN BRITAIN TODAY to the Conservative Party and Labour supporting Institutions. I have also sent Articles to the National Press. No one listened !

The next big question is - What does the minority Conservative Government do next ?

My answer is - Restore Confidence and Belief in the Conservative Policies. This is not just a question of restoring faith in Theresa May but in the Party's Policies. So, what should they ? Will anyone listen this time ?

1- Announce that Winter fuel allowances will remain for all those Pensioners earning less than £70,000 per annum. Say that We are asking the rich to make this contribution.

2- Announce that there will be a Cap of only £50,000 for Personal contribution to Care costs. Most people will not have to sell off all their assets. If you have little assets, you will pay nothing.

3- Now, the big winner. Cut Inheritance Tax to those with assets up to  £2 Millions. Raise the threshold to pay any tax to £1 Million meaning that most people will not pay a penny in Inheritance Tax.

4 - Reduce University fees to £3,000 maximum for a 3 year course.
Give a rebate to all students in previous years extra £27,000 in Tax allowances against annual earnings.

5- increase Child Allowances by 20% for all Families.

6- Stop Austerity and go for £200 Billion Quantitive Easing to cover costs of new Policies. Remember the Government produced £400 Billion QE to save the Banks. This did not create extra Inflation as feared.

7- Announce an increase in National Insurance contributions to give pay rises to NHS employees. Maybe a 1% increase.

8- Be more flexible on Brexit. Aim for a compromise deal. Remember, this should please at least 52% Leavers and  48% of the population who voted to stay. You must attract the Young with some Goodies.

These are the Domestic Policies that will attract Young Voters back to the Conservatives, Elderly Voters and Family Voters.
These Policies should be announced soon saying - We have listened to the Electorate and these are our new Policies.

At the same time, review the Labour promises and show how they will not be able to implement these plans. Do not attack Jeremy Corbyn. Be Positive and fanfare the new Goodies.

Learn the lesson that Labour won support from their Goodie Bag Promises. Once in power, they would have done what they want. The objective was to gain power. They convinced the electorate. The
Conservatives did not offer exciting Goodies. It will be tough negotiations ahead. The Young and the Elderly wanted Hope and Goodies in the future. That is why the Conservative Manifesto was so lacking in Policies that would improve Living Standards.

Get the agreement of the Cabinet and the 1922 Committee as well as the Conservative MPs. Do not rely on Advisers. Listen to me instead for no payment at all.

So, where next for the Conservatives ?

Please, please listen to me and others like me.
Be Bold. Theresa May - you can turn this around in 6 months but you must be radical. Start the fight back  now.
Aim to have all the new Policies in hand by The Conservative Conference in the Autumn. Then. Make an Autumn Policy Statement with all the Goodies.

The EU Negotiations with the EU. Make progress before August on Agreements for EU workers to stay in the UK and UK people to remain in the EU with all the benefits.
Reach agreement on Immigration such as free flow up 100,000 EU people who have jobs offered in the UK for Free Trade deal with the EU. In any case, make considerable progress to reduce fear of job losses and lower trade income with the EU.

If not, you are a dead duck !